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   "The purpose of life is to discover your gift.       The work of life is to develop it.       The meaning of life is to give your gift away" - David Viscott

  • Traditional Music Library - A large collection of traditional, folk, and roots music with lyrics, chords, sheet music and midis. Includes Bluegrass, Old-time, Irish, Scottish, Country, Children's songs, Christian, Session tunes etc. Also large collection of music theory, reference and research works.
  • John Timpany - Guitar & fiddle tuition.
  • MK Sessions - A list of up to date clubs & sessions in Milton Keynes.
  • One of Stevens Ukelele clubs and here's his other.
  • Rod Ward High class violin family maker plus repairs.
  • Milton Keynes Music Shop Instruments & sheet music
  • Newport Music A wide range of musical instruments & accessories.
  • Fiddle On Mag A great magazine for fiddlers with loads of really useful tips and advise.
  • abc notation a great souce of midis & scores for most tunes.
  • Chiff & Fipple The most well known and probably most authoritative site on whistle playing.
  • Fiddle Daemons Fine crafts in fiddle set-up and repair together with sales/hire and insurance cover.
  • Wolverton Concertinas Finely crafted hand made concertinas.
  • English Folk Costumes Hand made English folk costume by Chloe Elizabeth Middleton-Metcalfe
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