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   "The purpose of life is to discover your gift.       The work of life is to develop it.       The meaning of life is to give your gift away" - David Viscott

    some unwanted gifts that have been given to me and will be sold here.    
** 10% of proceeds to Emma's Cancer Research charity ride, the rest to develop Roots School.

First up: A good quality, used Ozark mandolin with contoured back and new strings. New. these mandolins are around £175. +
Comes complete with Kinsman soft carry case with backpacking shoulder straps.
It has some very small dings, but they are barely noticeable and is hardly played.
Will you offer the very reasonable amount of£50 ? If so email me on
Collection only from S.E Milton Keynes. (It's worth the drive. I drove with my friend to Rugby to buy it new!)

Here's a fantastic offer:

A beginners 4/4 full size fiddle. Good quality. Labelled 'Stradivari' but its just a copy. Probably made around the turn of last century and as likely as not German.
Plenty of dings but nothing serious, just age and useage. The bridge could do with thinning and the sound post moved to improve tone, but even without that it's a decent sounding instrument. It should be too - it's fitted with Pirastro Tonica strings (hardly used, will last a long time yet - £23 a set) and gold effect metal fine tuners, and a slip on mute.
It has new pegs with Hindersine peg compound on them, and comes complete with a 4/4 bow, newly rehaired (which needs some tlc on the slide next time it's rehaired) and ADT dark rosin (very good quality) and used Kun adjustable shoulder rest (the best).

The case is new looking foam built soft/hard case with backpacking shoulder straps.
The fiddle and bow alone, without the case are worth well over £200, but I'm throwing it all in, plus the barely used rosin (£7 new) and shoulder rest (new £36) too.
This is a quality instrument that will last you well beyond beginner level.
Would you offer £150 for the whole package? If you're a Roots School regularly attending member I'll even throw in a spare set of Pirasto Tonica for free (RRP £23). If you're not, you can have them for £11.
Play before you buy if you like. Interested? If so email me on

Collection only from S.E Milton Keynes.

     D'Addario violin tuner - really neat piece of kit. I use one all the time and leave it on my fiddle.
Used one looks just like this. No scuffs or marks, battery is OK. RRP is £14 upwards.
Yours for£5 .
Collection only.

Stagg violin stand.
Hardly used - scuffs on bottom left foot rest, and a few tiny marks elsewhere. Works as new.
RRP when new £16 upwards. How about£8 ?
Collection only.

Guitar stands - 2 are Raygear.
Used but as new. £4 each.
Collection only.

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