Can I teach? :

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   "The purpose of life is to discover your gift.       The work of life is to develop it.       The meaning of life is to give your gift away" - David Viscott
Yes.           we'd appreciate your input.

1. Style
   There are a number of styles of playing all instruments, so let's talk about it.
          The only criteria is that we teach roots music and not classical.

2. Help
   We'll try to ensure that those you teach are below your level of ability, and at the same time endeavour to improve
           your own skill.

3. Do I still pay entrance?
   It's a non profit making center so please consider it as subs. You'll not only learn a fair amount from
           teaching, but you could earn from private tuition.

4. What should I do?
   Tell me. There are so many schools such as folk, rock, country etc that there may well be room for your style, or you
           might just like to help with the styles we teach already.

We can work on everything together.

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